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The brand BEING LAB was established by our mother company Shanghai Yiheng Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd in 2015!

115 Liters, 4.1 Cuft Mechanical Convection Oven (BOF-115)

115 Liters, 4.1 Cuft Mechanical Convection Oven (BOF-115)

The BEING Mechanical Ovens allow for a smooth and efficient control of temperature from 10 over ambient temperature to 280℃. The PID controller, with double color display, continuously displays the set temperature and actual temperature inside the chamber. Operating time is also displayed for the user. The fan generated circulation of air within the chamber helps to guaranty uniformity of temperature throughout the oven. As with all our ovens, we incorporate the best safety features assuring piece of mind to our customers when using BEING products.

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ž Colorful LCD display.

ž Interior Chamber made from 304 stainless steel with a mirror polished finish making  for easy cleaning.

ž Adjustable 3-Speed fan allows customer to control the flow of air optimal for  temperature uniformity.

ž Anti-tilt shelving helps avoid accidents when shelves are moved.

ž Top centered portal allows real time testing of internal chamber temperature using   external temperature measuring equipment.

ž Adjustable shelves provide accommodation for different sized containers.

ž Our damper PRPVIDES proper control of gas convection in chamber.

ž Pt100 temperature sensor provides high temperature sensitivity and accuracy.

ž The BEING Controller provides programmability for 7 periods and 9 steps for each period   making for a total of 63 programmable steps. 

BEING's color LCD screen makes it easy and intuitive to read. 


You can adjust shelves to different height to meet your demand.


304 stainless steel with coved corner makes it easy to clean.


Patented anti-skid & anti-flip design.


The Being Controllers are Programmable and Provide Key Information on Operation and Safety! 


 TEMP area (PV): Showing measured temperature.  

 SET area (SV): Showing set temperature.                                   

 Heating lamp: It lights up when it has heat output.

 TIME: Time display window, it will display running time or parameter value.

( inch )ABCDEF

The Being Controllersare Programmable and Provide Key Information on Operation and Safety!

The PID controller used by Being is exceptional in many ways. Through a limited number of
setting keys, and with intuitive guidance, our customers can quickly input the days protocols
into our temperature controlled equipment. Walking away now unattended, our controller’s
microprocessor goes to work maintaining the excellent temperature and timing performance
that all of the Being products provide! When returning to the lab,our large multicolored LED
display on each of our controllersallows the user from a distance to see clearly important
information on temperature settings and heating phases. Being is not only about performance.
User Safety is factored into every one of our controllers.Both visual and audible alarms can
be seen and heard when needed allowing the user to act quickly to remedy an unintended

Independent temperature limit controller(option)

● You can set limited alarm temperature according to the experimental temperature.
● When over temperature, there is the alarm with sound and light, that can prompt the operator to ensure the safe experiment.

Chamber Volume35 Liters
( 1.2 cu ft)
59 Liters
( 2.1 cu ft)
115 Liters
( 4.1 cu ft)
234 Liters
( 8.3 cu ft)
Temperature RangeAmbient+18 ℉ ~536 ℉ , Ambient+10℃ ~280℃
Display Resolution0.1
Standard/Max Quantity of Shelves2/52/93/123/16
Shelves loading20Kg20Kg20Kg20Kg
 Internal Dimension (W*H*D)12.6×13.8×12.6(inch)
External Dimension (W *H*D)23.3×20.9×20.4(inch)
Net Weight43Kg51Kg83Kg112Kg
Electrical RequirementAC120V,60HzAC120V,60Hz
       (Single phase without plug)
Power Consumption900W1100W2050W2500W
Part description Quantity Part image
oven main uint 1 pc
Stainless steel rack and brackets 2 sets
3-prong power cord 1 pc
Spare fuse 2 pcs
User's manual 1 pc
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