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Can create a vacuum and high temperature space
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Introduction to the working principle of vacuum drying box

Vacuum empty drying box as the name suggests is in a can create a vacuum and high temperature space, high temperature, is the use of electricity heating can be, this relatively easy to understand, the "vacuum" as the name implies is the degree of vacuum. is a main parameter of vacuum equipment. The so-called "vacuum" means in a certain space, The pressure is less than 101325 Pascal (also known as a standard atmospheric pressure of about 101KPa) of the gas state. In a vacuum, the degree of the gas is usually expressed by the pressure of the gas, and obviously the smaller the pressure, the thinner the gas.

The vacuum of the vacuum dryer has a pointer-type display and a digital display, if the vacuum degree required by the precise optional vacuum degree of digital display.

When we do a dry weightlessness test will be in the vacuum dryer to put some desiccant, then we should put some kind of desiccant it?

First of all, we need to understand the use of desiccant in the vacuum dryer, vacuum dryer through the vacuum pump to remove the moisture in the box, if put some desiccant in the box will accelerate the drying speed, all the role of desiccant drying is accelerated.

The general situation we should in the vacuum dryer in the use of phosphorus pentoxide as a desiccant, phosphorus pentoxide is a powder-like thing we generally need to wrap things up to use so that will not be scattered around. In the desiccant when we use the temperature can not be too high, because the phosphorus pentoxide in the water will dissipate heat, so set the temperature we generally than the need for a slightly lower temperature.