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effectively. To improve work efficiency
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Low temperature thermostat Tanks almost all industries are inseparable from dry operation, although the correct understanding of drying and drying equipment working mechanism to facilitate the successful completion of the drying process, but still need us to continue to cast human and material resources to further research and development of drying technology, in order to make it in the production of high-quality products at the same time, effectively. To improve work efficiency. Here is a simple way to teach you a few tips:

1, the thermostat tank should be added to the tank before the liquid medium, the liquid level is lower than the work table 30mm can not boot, to prevent burnout heater.

2, the use of power supply for 220vac/50hz, equipment must have a good grounding.

3, pump switch and Refrigeration switch: Control Panel on the circulation pump forced switch button and refrigeration compressor forced switch button, please do not press, unless there are special needs.

3.1. If the circulation pump is forced to switch, the circulating pump will be closed. In this way the liquid temperature in different position will be uneven and affect the thermostat effect. At this time can again press circulation pump forced switch open circulation pump.

3.2, Low-temperature thermostatic trough if the temperature automatic control under the condition of the refrigeration compressor forced switch button, refrigeration compressor will be closed. As a result of automatic temperature control, refrigeration compressor in the normal state, at this time the temperature is by automatic heating to stabilize the liquid temperature, if the compressor is closed, will not be able to control the temperature. You need to press the startup key for 1 seconds to turn off the device. Then, press the startup key for 1 seconds before starting the device to restore temperature control.

4. Low-temperature thermostat equipment should be placed in the ventilated dry place, back and both sides away from the barrier 300mm above the distance.

5. Low temperature thermostatic groove is used, power switch is put off, unplug the power plug. Long-term not used, should be put out of the tank fluid, and scrub clean.

6. At more than 60 ℃ high temperature, beware of touching the surface of the thermostat to avoid hot.