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Ensure the shortening of temperature and humidity
- Feb 07, 2018 -

1. Using micro-computer chip (PID) control system, touch key control, easy to operate. The combination of digital control and analog control, discard the shortage of single control, good combination of two kinds of control, so that the measured parameters of the incubator to a higher level.

2. CO2 gas concentration detection using advanced ultrasonic sensors to determine the sound waves in different CO2 concentration of gas transmission speed, calculate the CO2 gas concentration. When working, the sensor has no mechanical wear, quick response, high reliability, stable performance and long service life. Optional IR sensor.

3. The temperature detection all uses the High-precision Platinum Resistance Temperature sensor (PT1000), the performance is stable, the interchangeability is good. The independent sleeve temperate door temperature control, the temperature of the studio is composed of five sides of the sleeve mild one surface of the door temperature synthesis, high accuracy.

4. The box uses the breeze circulation way, causes the air circulation to close to the natural air convection, guarantees the shortening temperature, the humidity, the CO2 concentration recovery time, guarantees the temperature, the humidity, the CO2 concentration equilibrium.

5. With "AUTO START" function, after the boot into this function, the temperature is close to the set value will be CO2 concentration automatic school 0 and began to enter the gas, simplifying the user boot phase of the work.

6. When the box door is open, the solenoid valve closes automatically and the breeze cycle stops automatically. Can save the gas source, and reduce the outside air into the box caused by pollution.

7. The working room by the fan hood and the two sides of the diversion plate formed from the next highest air circulation mode, so that the temperature and consistency of the work room better.

8. Has the solenoid Valve protection function, prevents the gas path to have the problem after the breath, because of the long time electricity and damage the solenoid valve.

9. Temperature, CO2 concentration, using digital display, door heating, intake, modification, measurement and settings are LED display, intuitive, clear and accurate.

10. With a set of temperature, room temperature, such as a number of protection functions, when the display temperature exceeds the preset temperature, can automatically cut off all heating power. In addition, it has a true sense of independent over-temperature relay protection function to ensure the reliability of the temperature.

11. Filtration System: air inlet/box body HEPA High efficiency filter, for the diameter is larger than 0.3ωm particles, filtration efficiency of up to 99.99%, effective filtration of bacteria and dust particles in the gas. Built-in efficient filtration system in the closed 5 minutes to the cavity to achieve 100 levels of clean indicators. Matching)

12. Water Tray Natural evaporation humidification, humidity reached 95%, 304 stainless steel material, arc no corner, easy to clean. There is sufficient volume of water jacket and good insulation performance.

13. Sterilization System: Portable ultraviolet lamp sterilization, flexible and convenient. And can be used for disinfection of other instruments. LED fixed UVC sterilization, long life and short sterilization time. Matching)

14. Optional Shaking bed experiment