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Need appropriate maintenance and maintenance
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Blast dryer widely for industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, scientific research units, such as drying, baking melting wax, sterilization and other functions. Micro-computer Intelligent Binocular temperature control system with temperature control, accurate and reliable. Operating temperature arbitrary settings, and has a deviation alarm function of the air inlet switch free hot wind cycle. Due to the long-term temperature of the equipment in the state of high-temperature, so the blower drying box more need appropriate maintenance and maintenance. Please do not put flammable materials in the dry box without explosion-proof device. Two. Before use must pay attention to the use of the power supply voltage is consistent. When used, the grounding wire of the power outlet must be grounded according to the stipulation. Three. After each use of blast dryer, the power must be cut off, often keep the inside and outside the box clean. Clean and hang the corresponding logo. Four. Do not squeeze the contents of the box, you must set aside the air natural convection space, so that moist air can be accelerated on the roof escape. Five should periodically check the temperature regulator silver contact is not hairy or uneven, if available, fine gauze will contact the sand after the use, and should often wipe clean cloth, so that the contact good (note must cut off power). The metal pipe of the indoor temperature adjuster should not be hit to avoid affecting the sensitivity. Six. Blower drying box in the use of electricity, should not touch the left side of the box with the hand of the electrical part or wipe with a wet cloth and water rinse, repair should be cut off the power. Seven. The power cord can not be wrapped in metal, can not be set in high temperature or humid place, to prevent rubber aging so that leakage.