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The environment should be clean and tidy with good ventilation
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Shaking the bed to provide a horizontal flush water tank, so the mineral particles in the gravity, transverse water force, shaking the surface of the reciprocating asymmetric motion generated by the inertia and friction, according to the gravity and granularity of stratified, and along the bed for longitudinal movement and along the inclined bed for lateral movement. Therefore, the gravity and particle size of different ore particles along their respective direction of movement gradually from a side to B-side fan-shaped, the use of adjustable fresh air port, can facilitate the adjustment of fresh air volume, over-temperature Sound and light alarm function, motor overheating, temperature control, abnormal temperature and other instruments automatically cut off their power supply, with power recovery function, When the external power supply suddenly loses power and calls again, the equipment can be restored to operation automatically according to the original setup program.

Control the acceleration of the line to ensure that the shaking bed slowly start, smooth acceleration, to ensure the safety of experimental samples, electrostatic spraying plastic box, liner imported stainless steel mirror plate, large-screen tempered glass observation window, working cavity corner fillet design, easy to clean, switch using sunken design, beautiful, difficult to touch in transit, The work room has the illumination installment to be convenient to observe, uses the high quality completely closes the compressor, the refrigeration quantity is big, the box is equipped with the fan and the installment, the forced air convection, the temperature distribution is more even, the appliance should place in the firmer worktable surface, the environment should be clean and tidy.