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To keep dry, do the moisture-proof and damp-proof
- Feb 07, 2018 -

How to use the oven safely?

Oven should be placed in the clean indoor level, to keep dry, do a good job of moistureproof and damp, and to prevent corrosion.

Oven place to have a certain space, four away from the wall to have a certain distance, the proposal to have more than 2 meters.

Check the voltage before use, the small oven required voltage of 220V, the larger to the oven required voltage of 380V (three-phase four lines), according to the oven power to install sufficient capacity power knife. and choose the right power lead. Also should do a good grounding wire work.

The above work is ready, before the test items into the oven, and then connect the power supply, open the oven switch, with blast device oven, in the heating and thermostatic process must be the blower open, otherwise the temperature uniformity of the studio, and may damage the heating element. Then adjust the appropriate test product baking compensation temperature, the oven is to enter the working state.

Baked goods can not be arranged too dense, bake at the bottom of the board (heat plate) can not put items, so as not to affect the hot air cycle, prohibit baking flammable, explosive items and volatile and corrosive items.

After baking, cut off the power, and then open the studio door, remember not directly with the hands of baked goods, to use a dedicated tool or with insulated gloves to take the baked goods, so as not to burn.

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