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With timing function, temperature recovery time fast
- Feb 07, 2018 -

The Electric blast drying box is suitable for drying, baking and sterilization of nonvolatile items in industrial and mining enterprises, schools, medical and scientific research units. The Controller of drying box adopts intelligent temperature controller. With timing function, temperature recovery time is fast. The box is made of high quality steel plate, and the inner room adopts stainless steel plate. The box door uses the double layer steel tempered glass door to be able to observe the item in the box clearly. In-box heating system is mainly composed of circulating fan, stainless steel electric heater and temperature controller. Use should be placed in the room with good ventilation conditions, in its surroundings can not be placed inflammable and explosive items. Do not place too crowded in the box, you must set aside space to leasure the air circulation. In the choice of electric blast drying box, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. The Electric blower drying box is divided into two kinds of desktop structure and vertical structure. Desktop structure (desktop electric blast drying box) refers to the box and Deputy box (control surface version) into the left and right distribution, the wind duct is located on the back side, the air in the working room forms the horizontal convection, the workshop volume from 30L to 240L, vertical structure (vertical blast dryer box) box and auxiliary box are distributed up and down, the wind in the work room to form vertical convection, Vertical structure Studio capacity from 30L to 620L or greater.

2, Electric blast drying box size selection: Studio size can be based on the size of the test items and how much to determine. In the process of drying, the quantity and arrangement of the laboratory items affect the uniformity of temperature in the work room. When the temperature uniformity requirement is higher, it is suggested to reduce the sample quantity or choose large type of drying box to ensure hot air convection in the working room. The sample from the inner wall or inlet and outlet to maintain 2~3cm or greater clearance, conducive to the internal hot air convection in the studio.

3, the choice of temperature range and the relationship between the use of temperature: The company's brand electric blast dryer oven temperature range of three: Rt+10~200℃, Rt+10~250℃, Rt+10~300℃. The suitable temperature range can be chosen according to the dry condition of the goods.

4, the normal heating rate of the electric blast drying box average in 2~8℃/min, low temperature heating fast, high temperature heating slow, can increase heating power by increasing the temperature rate. But the heating power of the drying box increases, and the temperature overshoot will also increase.

5, if the need for a number of heating, heat preservation control or to the temperature rate into and control, you need to choose the program temperature controller.

6, if the dry sample is more humid and need fast drying, please order instructions, we will be tailored for your rapid drying box.

7, optional lead test hole (sample power or lead), lead hole diameter from 25, 50, 80 to 100mm optional.