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Be Safe And Secure First
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Main function and precautions of motor oven

The electrical oven and explosion-proof oven work in the same way, are to prevent explosions in the drying project. Motor oven is designed for the motor industry a kind of oven, mainly used in motor spray painting, transformer painting, and some wire curing hardening. Temperature range is large, can be rapidly elevated from room temperature to 300 degrees, can maintain constant temperature, system automation operation, easy to operate, safe and assured.

In the use of motor ovens, pay attention to some details can avoid accidents, motor oven with explosion-proof system, can avoid accidents, heating elements cannot be placed at the bottom, the exhaust device and suction device to adjust, before the use of the indicators to check whether to achieve the standard, electrical insulation is the best, Set a certain high temperature warning settings, so as to reduce the occurrence of accidents. All must be careful, before use must be familiar with the use of manual, there are a lot of guidance on the use of methods, or to find some professional guidance to use, to achieve foolproof, safety first.

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