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Ensure No Training Failure Due To Excessive Dryness
- Feb 07, 2018 -

The carbon dioxide incubator is created by simulating the growth of a cell/tissue in the body of a cultured box, the incubator requires a stable temperature (37°c), a stable CO2 level (5%), a constant ph (ph value: 7.2-7.4), a higher relative saturation humidity (95%), to the cell /tissue culture in vitro.

Humidity in the box is a very important and often overlooked factor in the development of the work. Maintain adequate humidity levels and have sufficient moisture recovery speed (e.g., after closing) to ensure that the culture failure is not caused by excessive dryness.

At present, most of the carbon dioxide incubator is through the humidification of the evaporation of the disk to produce moisture (the level of relative humidity can be up to 95%, but the door after the humidity recovery is slow). As far as possible to choose the humidity evaporation area large incubator, because the more humidity evaporation area, the more easily reach the maximum relative saturation humidity and open the door after the humidity recovery time is shorter.

1, the carbon dioxide incubator can not open the power switch before water injection, otherwise it will damage the heating element.

2. After a few months of operation, the water in the tank can be reduced by evaporation, when the low water level indicator (WLOW12) should be added to add water. First open the overflow pipe, use the funnel to connect the rubber pipe from the water injection hole to fill the low water level indicator off, and then add water (cp-st200a Add water 1800ml,cp-st100a Add water 1200ml), and then plug the overflow hole.

3, carbon dioxide incubator can be used to do high-precision thermostat incubator, when the CO2 control system must be closed.

4, because the CO2 sensor is under the saturation humidity correction, so humidification plate must be equipped with sterilized water.

5, when the display temperature exceeds the set temperature of 1 ℃, over-temperature alarm indicator (OVERTEMP7) light, and issued a sharp alarm sound, at this time should be shut down for 30 minutes, if again turn on the power (temperature control) switch (POWER20) still over-temperature, you should turn off the power and report maintenance personnel.

6, cylinder pressure less than 0.2MPa should be replaced cylinder.

7. Minimize the time to open the glass door.

8, if the carbon dioxide incubator long time not to close before closing must clear the working room moisture, open the glass door ventilation 24 hours before closing.

9, clean carbon dioxide culture Box studio, do not collide with sensors and stirring motor wind wheel and other components.

10, Disassembly work indoor stent shield, must use a random special wrench, not excessive force.

11. The water in the box must be removed before handling the incubator. When draining, the rubber pipe is tightly sheathed in the outlet hole, so that the pipe mouth is lower than the instrument, gently suck a mouthful, put down the water pipe, the siphon outflow.

12, the removal of carbon dioxide incubator should be taken out of the work room shelf and humidification plate to prevent collisions damage the glass door.

13, carry the incubator can not be inverted, at the same time do not lift the box door to avoid damage to the door.