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Ensure The Temperature Balance In The Box
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Electric blast drying box also known as "oven", as the name suggests, the use of electric heating method of the blast cycle drying test, divided into two types of blast drying and vacuum drying, blast drying is through the circulation fan blowing hot air, to ensure the temperature balance in the box, vacuum drying is the use of a vacuum pump in the air out of the box, so that the chamber Make the product in a very clean state to do the test, is a commonly used equipment, mainly used to dry samples, but also can provide the temperature environment required by the experiment. Drying box is used in chemical, pharmaceutical, foundry, automobile, food, machinery and other industries. Generally divided into galvanized steel plate and stainless steel liner, pointers and digital, natural convection and blast cycle, conventional oven and vacuum type.

1) 101 series Electric Blast Dryer is suitable for the determination of moisture in coal, drying articles, drying heat treatment and other heating.

2 The series of high preparation using digital temperature regulator for temperature control (as shown below), temperature control sensitive, easy to operate, reliable performance, digital direct display of operating temperature, intuitive and easy to read.

The temperature of the studio can be any constant temperature between ambient temperature and 300 ℃, can automatically cut off the power supply, protect equipment and test items.

The equipment is an indispensable analytical device in the laboratory.

1. Put the items that need to be dried into the drying box and close the box door.

2. The power switch is dialed to "1", at this time the power switch is bright, the display screen has the digital display.

3. According to the temperature controller operation instructions, set the required working temperature and working hours (working hours can not be set).

4. The equipment will automatically run the required working conditions, the use of the end of the power switch off, remove items.

※ If the operating temperature is too high (generally above 70 ℃), be sure to wait until the equipment is cooled to remove the items