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High Efficiency, Low Energy Consumption, Low Noise
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Characteristics of constant temperature and humidity incubator:

1, micro-computer temperature and humidity controller, temperature control, humidity control accurate and reliable, with over-temperature, sensor fault alarm function. The use of imported brand compressors and circulating fans, forced convection air circulation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, uniform temperature distribution, long service life.

2, the use of mirror stainless steel liner, easy to clean, the box shelf spacing adjustable.

3, high precision, large capacity humidity generator to ensure stable humidity control, high precision, small fluctuations.

4, with independent temperature limit alarm system, exceeding the limit temperature that is, automatic interruption, to ensure the safety of the experiment.

5, mold incubator equipped with independent ultraviolet sterilization lamp.

6, constant temperature and humidity culture box box double door structure, large viewing angle observation window, the box is equipped with light, easy to observe the culture in the box.

7, optional RS-485 interface, can record temperature, humidity parameters change。