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Note The Use Of Clean Oven, Quality Products Easily Presented
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Clean oven baking coating products of the gloss instability greatly affected the product pass rate and aesthetic problems, in fact, to avoid this situation caused by a very simple, spraying machine coating equipment to the customer installation and use, found that the production of products caused by the instability of the gloss of a few clear performance: low gloss, high gloss, Gloss fluctuation, gloss suddenly reduced.

It is not impossible to solve the above situation, as long as we pay attention to the following points. Check whether the baking temperature of the clean oven is high, or whether the baking time is long, consult baking condition to the powder factory, and check the water content of the powder and the temperature of the spraying room. Approved baking temperature and time, check gloss, workpiece thickness and baking conditions. Whether direct gas stove, check whether there is mixing powder and spraying environment temperature changes. Check the baking path and oven temperature is stable. Check whether the temperature is out of control, check the air pressure system, oil-water separator work is normal, check whether mixed with other powder.

As long as you can strictly control the above points, especially the timing of the oven baking temperature and baking time problems. Effective and comprehensive communication with the powder factory is also very important to understand the characteristics of each powder to the right remedy. In a little attention to the use of clean oven, quality products easily presented.