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Prolong The Service Life Of The Vacuum Pump
- Feb 07, 2018 -

How we should operate the vacuum dryer in use.

Vacuum pump generally can not work long time, so when the vacuum to achieve dry goods requirements, should first close the vacuum valve, and then turn off the vacuum pump power supply, when the vacuum is less than dry goods requirements, and then open the vacuum valve and vacuum pump power supply, continue to vacuum, which can prolong the service life General vacuum drying box can be up to 24 hours of pressure, that is, each time you only need to open the vacuum pump vacuum can be turned off. If the vacuum dryer in the release valve rubber plug If the rotation is difficult, you can apply the right amount of grease lubrication.

If you need to control the precise degree of vacuum then choose the instrument with a vacuum degree.

Vacuum drying box is a constant temperature in the state of the vacuum equipment, if the case occurs without sealing the situation we how to check it?

If the vacuum dryer does not seal the situation will have a great impact on his performance, if the test requirements are more stringent then can not continue to use, first of all, vacuum drying box is not sealed we must first check the vacuum box and the pump is connected, the vacuum valve switch is open, this is the most basic inspection, If everything is normal then we have to check whether the seal ring aging or damaged, if still everything is normal we only check whether there is a leak in the bladder, the leakage of the internal bile is very rarely will produce such a situation.

Generally speaking, the vacuum drying chamber does not seal the occurrence of the seal ring problem.