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Security, Regular Inspection
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Low-temperature Incubator factory manufacturers will carry out testing, testing qualified factory sales, good use habits and maintenance of equipment life and measurement results have a great impact, the following to introduce the daily maintenance of low-temperature incubator:

1, low-temperature incubator in the operation before the laboratory to clear the internal debris clean, the laboratory at least more than once a year cleaning;

2, low-temperature culture box around the fuselage and the bottom of the ground to keep clean;

3, when the test product time arrives after the product, must in the shutdown state takes the product.

4, low-temperature incubator in the switch door or from the box to take test material, do not let the article and door seal contact;

5, refrigeration system is the core of low-temperature incubator, must be inspected once a year, check all copper tubes are leaking and so on, the function of joints, welding mouth, if there is grease leakage, must immediately deal with;

6. After each test, it is recommended to clean the test box with clean water, to keep the equipment clean, to dry the box after cleaning, to keep the box dry;

7, the condenser should be regularly maintained, keep clean. Dust sticky condenser will cause the compressor high voltage switch jump off and produce false alarm, condenser monthly maintenance, the use of vacuum cleaners will be condenser heat dissipation mesh on the dust adsorption clean, after boot using a hard hair brush or with high-pressure gas nozzle blowing clean dust;

8, circuit breaker to provide the machine test products and the operator's security, please check regularly.