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Slowly Reduce And Won't At Set Temperature
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Medical drugs, living materials, chemicals, food, electronics and other industries are more sensitive to this phenomenon. Too much temperature refers to the first boot, the office temperature over the set temperature of more than 5 ℃, and then slowly reduce and won't in the setting temperature phenomenon. Although the electric blast drying box standard does not have the temperature overshoot limit index, but the enterprise attaches great importance to the user's opinion. Previously specifically preset DHG series of electric blast dryer to satisfy the requirements of users. There is a way to make the temperature overshoot to an acceptable degree. It is impossible to completely eliminate the temperature overshoot.

This method should be careful to take care of the author to prevent Burns. The permanent fixed method of empty box; first empty box to the office temperature rise and won't in the demand for baking temperature, and then the test product rapidly into the office. More attention should be paid to the volatile matter of the baked goods due to the volatility of too fast and may be a new risk of initiation.

Two section heating method, set the instrument temperature at the temperature of 5-10 ℃ from the requirements of the specific number of appropriate, the user can be based on the original background temperature and test products to confirm, won't after the instrument temperature from the new set in the demand for baking temperature.