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Constant Temperature Lab Incubator Selection Tips

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        Laboratory incubators feature control systems that regulate temperature, CO2, and humidity levels within the unit to generate an ideal environment for cell and tissue cultures that is free from contaminants. This lab instrument is widely used for biochemical studies, hematological studies, pharmaceutical work, and food analysis. 

        To help you purchase the right constant temperature laboratory incubator, here are some useful tips from BEING instruments:

        • The liner of the unit should incorporate high quality mirror and stainless steel material for corrosion resistance, acid proof, and easy cleaning. 

        • Consider buying incubators with adjustable box shelf spacing. 

        • Ensure stable humidity control, accuracy, and minimize fluctuations by getting constant temperature incubators with large capacity generators.

        • Incubators with pre-programmed temperature, CO2, and humidity level configurations and/or highly-programmable controls will allow you to set the most accurate and ideal environmental conditions for your samples.

        • Having the ability to control the incubation time is also a plus. Check out systems that are built with continuous operation mode or a timer to prevent any interference or downtime. 

        • To ensure the safety of your experiment, try looking for a unit with an independent temperature limit alarm system. This will automatically interrupt experiments when temperature limit has been exceeded. 

        • Most Constant Temperature Incubators come with an optional RS-485 interface that can record temperature and humidity parameters changes. 

        Purchasing the right constant temperature and humidity incubator can be time consuming. BEING Instruments carries a diverse range of top-grade incubators you can choose from. For heating incubators visit, for cooling incubators visit, and for CO2 incubators visit

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