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Drying Ovens have multiple uses/applications from simple drying of glassware to very involved and complex drying needs that require involved programming of both time and temperature, medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, and agriculture industries to name a few. Often need to utilize ovens in their work. All BEING ovens provide excellent temperature stability and reproducibility for all your desired application needs ensuring maximum efficiency, safety, and ease of use. BEING offers 8 different Drying Oven Models along with 3 Vacuum Oven Model choices to meet your needs.

Common Performance and Features of all BEING Ovens

  • Design, safety test results are in line with international standards DIN 12880.

  • P.I.D temperature controller provides accurate and reliable temperature control, built-in Over-temperature protection/alarm function.

  • Automatic calibration function, able to adapt to a variety of laboratory environments.

  • The BEING Controller provides programmatically for 7 periods and 9 steps for each period making for a total of 63 programmables steps

  • Adjustable Exhaust Port/Vent(BON&BOF)

  • Extended Life Silicone Rubber Gasket provides excellent sealing and long service life, but is easily replaced when the time for replacement is needed.

Multi Step Programmable Controller

  • You can preset 7 periods and 9 steps for a total of 63 programs.

  • Time rage from 0 - 5999 minutes.

  • Temperature, time and heating rate can be set and programmed at the same time.


  • Inner chamber is made from corrosion-resistant mirror stainless steel.

  • Curved chamber corners make for easy cleaning.

  • Anti-skid shelf design, easy to operate by single hand. Convenient design for easy maintenance.

  • Silicone rubber gasket, can withstand high temperature operation for a long time, long service life, easy to replace.


  • Overtemperature set point alarm.

  • Auto Start Feature after power loss/return.

  • Over current protection.

  • Temperature deviation alarm.

  • Independent overtemperature limit controller for added safety.

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