Rotary Evaporator

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Rotary evaporators are mainly used for distillation or separation applications often used for medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical, chromatography, and petrochemical fields. Rotovap systems work by increasing the rate of evaporation of the solvent through the following:

1. Reducing the pressure to lower the solvent boiling point.
2. Rotating the sample to increase the effective surface area.
3. Heating the solution.
4. Condensing the evaporated solvent in a cooled glass condenser.

  • Simple design for one-handed operation manually or automatically.

  • A unique PTFE sealing system provides exceptional thermostability, minimizes corrosion, and helps to ensure

  • Day in day out headache free operation.

  • Our Bath offers a dual heating mode for water and oil with overheat protection.

  • PID controller offers easy input of parameters and large LCD display for easy viewing.

  • Vacuum regulator available.

Performance and Features

  • Microprocessor PID control.

  • Automatic Calibration Function.

  • Durable and accurate brushless DC motors.

  • Wide speed range even with heavy workloads.

  • Ceramic cover provides high thermal efficiency.


  • Large LCD display screen and interface provides for user-friendly


  • Maintenance-free operation with easy to clean surface.

  • Easy to set Adjustable Timer. (1 minute to 5,999 minutes)

Safety & Peace of Mind

  • Built-in power interruption protection function, automatic run after power


  • Smooth Start/Shutdown System prevents spillage of stirring samples no

    matter what the speed setting.

  • Temperature deviation alarm.

  • Anti-scalding warning light.

Rotation Speed20-180rpm
Water bath temperature rangeRT+5~100°C
Evaporating speed22ml/min
Ultimate vacuum8mbar
Speed settingLCD display with knob
Lifting modeManual
Main motor DC brushlessDC brushless motor
CondenserSnake Condensate Condensate Area 0.15m2, 1L Rotary Bottle, 1L Collecting Bottle, TS29 /38 Bottle Clamp, Ball Face S35 / 20
Vacuum SealPTFE and Teflon Coating
Interior water bath sizeD230mm*H130mm
Water bath materialStainless steel Corrosion resistant coating
Heating power120VAC 50HZ 1000W
Ambient Temperature 5~35°C
Electrical inputDC24V 2.5W

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