Cooling Incubator

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BEING Cooling Incubators allow users to carry out applications that require temperatures ranging from -10° to +80°C. These incubators are ideal for biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) testing, bacterial research, seed germination, fish/insect breeding and much more. The BEING Cooling Incubator provides accurate and dependable temperature control. Each cooling incubator uses environmentally friendly refrigerants that ensure rapid cooling does not come at the expense of the environment.

Performance and Features

  • Temperature Range: Amb -10°C - 80°C.

  • P.I.D temperature controller provides accurate and reliable temperature control.

  • Natural convection heating allows the sample temperature to be uniform, suitable for sterilization, powder drying andhigh temperature storage.

  • Extended Life Silicone Rubber Gasket provides excellent sealing and long service life, but is easily replaced when the time for replacement is needed.

  • The BEING Controller provides programmability for 7 periods and 9 steps for each period making for a total of 63 programmable steps.

  • Equipped with a 25mm diameter test hole.


  • Inner chamber is made from corrosion-resistant mirror stainless steel.

  • Coved chamber corners make for easy cleaning.

  • Anti-skid shelf design, easy to operate by single hand.

Safety & Peace of Mind

  • Auto Start Feature after power loss/return.

  • Temperature deviation alarm.

  • Over temperature set point alarm.

  • Over current protection alarm.

  • Independent Over-temperature protection meets DIN 12880 International standard requirements provides you double protection.

Usable Volume 8.7 cu ft (247 Liters)
Temperature Range

14°F - 176°F, -10°C - 80°C

Temperature Uniformity (at 77 °F ) ±1.8°F, ±1°C
Temperature Variation

High:±0.54°F, ±0.3°C

Low:±0.9°F, ±0.5°C

Temperature Resolution 0.1
Timer 1min - 5999min
Number of Shelves 3
Net Weight 120 Kg
Interior Dimension(W×H×D)



External Dimension (WxHxD)



Electrical Requirement 120V 60Hz
Power Consumption 1700W
SKU Number BLC150250U
ETL Certified

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