Recirculating Chiller

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Performance and Features

  • Designed so that test results are in line with international standards DIN 12880.

  • P.I.D temperature controller provides accurate and reliable temperature control.

  • Automatic calibration function, be able to adapt to a variety of laboratory environment.


A spread product line meets a variety of needs

  • Wide range of options to meet a variety of experimental needs.

  • Temperature/Capacity/Liquid Flow/Pressure/Control Mode/Internal Circulation/External Circulation.

  • Convenient design for easy maintenance

  • Round curved inner angle is easy to clean.

  • Inner chamber is made from corrosion-resistant mirror stainless steel.


  • Preset On/Off function.

  • Built-in power interruption protection function, automatic run after power interruption.

  • Independent Over-temperature protection meets DIN 12880 International standard requirements.

  • Temperature deviation alarm.

  • Over current protection alarm.

Storage Tank Capacity(L) 3
Lowest Temp Without Load(℃) ﹣20℃
Temperature Range(℃) ﹣20℃~20℃
Best Operating Temp(℃) ≤35℃
Relative Humidity(%RH) ≤85%RH
Temperature stability ±2℃
Cooling Capacity (w)
20℃ 1300
0℃ 900
﹣10℃ 380
﹣20℃ 200
Refrigerant R404A
Temperature Sensor pt100
Screen LCD Screen
Safety Protection Compressor delay start、Leakage circuit breaker,Over current/ Overvoltage Protection
Power(W)(whole chiller) 450
Power Requirement AC 115V/60Hz
Recirculating Pump Power(W) 10
Pump Flow Rate(L/min) 10
Max. Pump Head(m) 1.5
Inlet/Outlet Pipe Diameter(mm) φ14
Inlet/Outlet Connector Diameter(mm) φ10.5
Noise ≤45
Weight(Kg) 35
Liquid tank Dimension(mm) φ180mm*120mm
Exterior Dimension(mm)(including casters) 250*480*550
Adaptated Rotavaps(Capacity*Units) 2L*1
Sku Numbers BRC15103U

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