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BS Series

BS Series

Orbital Shakers

The BEING BS Series orbital shakers quietly and efficiently control the frequency of the orbital movement to make material dissolution, liquid mixing, microbial culture, and plant tissue culture circulate in experimental containers.

These orbital shakers are available in 3 sizes.
BS-1: 10.0” x 10.0” (250mm x 250mm)
BS-2: 13.8” x 13.8” (350mm x 350mm)
BS-3: 17.7” x 17.7” (450mm x 450mm)

BIS Series

BIS Series 

Incubated Shakers

The BEING BIS Series incubated shakers combine forced-air convection incubator and shaker functions in a compact footprint. They provide accurate temperature (ambient + 50OC) control for shake incubating and meet bacterium, microbe suspension incubate requirements. It is ideal for cell culture, fermentation, biochemistry, water quality analysis, plant cultivation, and breeding.

These incubated shakers are available in 3 sizes.
BIS-1: 10.0” x 10.0” (250mm x 250mm)
BIS-2: 13.8” x 13.8” (350mm x 350mm)
BIS-3: 17.7” x 17.7” (450mm x 450mm)


Ensuring efficient, safe, and easy operation 

Large LCD Intelligent Controller

The BEING controller has a bright, easy-to-understand display that shows the shaker’s parameters on a single screen, and the pushbuttons allow quick rotational speed, temperature, and time setting. It simplifies complicated testing procedures by creating up to 7 nine-step programs, time can be programmed from 1 minute to 99 hours 59 minutes, and rotational speeds can be controlled from 40 to 300rpm.

Toolless Accessory Platform Connection

The BEING orbital and incubated shakers are equipped with thumb screws that enable quick, easy, and toolless connection of platforms.

Patented Drive Technology

BEING shakers’ rotation is controlled by a patented, maintenance-free, single-axis drive and balancing technology utilizing a low energy consumption brushless DC motor that provides a large start torque and stable operation with a wide speed adjustment and low noise emission.

Large Transparent Chamber Door

BIS Series Only

The large transparent chamber door allows researchers and lab technicians to observe the incubation effects on the samples in real-time.

Gas Strut Door Support

BIS Series Only

Two gas struts smoothly control the opening of the BEING BIS Series incubated shaker’s chamber door. They also hold the chamber door in any position. Platform rotation, heating element, and chamber fan are shut down when the chamber door is raised more than 25O.

Temperature Test Hole

BIS Series Only

BEING BIS Series incubated shakers have an Ø18mm test hole and accessory port to allow multiple external temperature probes to be inserted into the chamber to validate temperature settings to the actual chamber temperature.

Condensate Drain

BIS Series Only

BEING BIS Series incubated shakers are designed to whisk away condensate that is generated during incubation. The chamber’s bottom has channels on the edges to collect and direct the condensate to the drain on the back of the unit. The drain can be opened and closed with a push of a button.

Wide Range of Accessories

BEING offers 8 platform accessories, including a universal platform, spring wire rack, universal attachment, cell culture spring rack, rubber mat, tube racks, individual flask clamps, and sticky pads.


  Even, stable and precise temperature control

BIS Series - Incubated Shakers (Only)

The BIS Series incubated shaker’s chamber temperature uniformity of ≤±1.0oC enables all samples to be heated evenly.

Note: The stability and uniformity are measured at steady-state. 

The incubated shaker’s chamber temperature stability of ±0.1oC ensures experiment stability.


Committed to exceeding customer expectations.

ISO 9001


BEING is committed to providing users with intelligent, professional, and intuitive laboratory equipment that modern laboratories require. To that end, the BS and BIS Series shakers are designed, manufactured, and tested to the DIN 12880-2007 standard. And they conform to ISO9001 quality standards, and our products are certified by ETL.


The combination of selection, specifications, features, quality, and being economically priced makes BEING BS and BIS shakers the smart choice — and a valuable asset in your lab. 

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