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I Am BEING the Best Biologist I Can Be

The field of Biology is pretty big. It includes pharmaceutical, zoology, microbiology, genetics, ecology and much more. You can be working in healthcare, research, education, biotech, conservation or business, but one thing is for sure, the equipment you use will need to keep up with your application demands. 

BEING Scientific is dedicated to bringing out the best in you, no matter your field of Biological expertise. Addressing general to high-level scientific procedures, Being Scientific offers microbiological incubators that facilitates the growth and storage of your cultures. For pharmaceutical and drug-related industries, we also provide cooling incubators that you can customize to meet specific temperature control requirements. Our water baths are also an essential for your Biology lab as these are great for a wide range of biological samples while our drying ovens ensures that your instruments is sterilized and contamination-free.

BIC Series

Cooling Incubators

Can be used in pharmaceutical labs for storage of drugs and by microbiology, cell biology, and plant biology labs for cell, plant, tissue, and fungal cultures, refrigerated incubators can keep samples at the ideal temperature to either promote or stop growth. Another application for these incubators is for BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) studies for testing of waste water.

BWB Series

Water Baths

Applications include sample thawing, bacteriological examinations, warming reagents, coliform determinations and microbiological assays.

BON Series

Natural Convection Drying Ovens

They are often used for sterilizing glassware such as bottles, petri dishes and test tubes. Dry heat is required, and this is carried out in a hot air oven.

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